Delicious Recipes – Mocha Secret (Coffee and Smoothie Recipes)

SECRETS OUT! These Recipes contain a fabulous blend of formulas to Mocha’s, Frappuccino’s (Hot/Cold/Blended), Fruit Smoothies, Yogurt Smoothies, Berry Smoothies. This WILL SAVE “YOU” THOUSANDS of $$$.

"Hand Crafted Recipes" Easy to follow, Simple & Fast to make, all made with a regular Household Coffee Pot or Blender and regular, common store bought products already inside your very own pantries. These recipes have been mastered for years, compiled together and now shared with everyone in this recipe book.

You will Save tons of Time & Money, and not have to go out when you just want to be in and have your favorite drink at home. Working from home today? No time to run out? In the middle of something? Problem Solved! Make them like a Pro. Diabetic? Lactose Intolerant? Allergies? Something for everyone in the recipe book.