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Home Brew MasteryClick Image To Visit Site– The 4 KILLER mistakes that are probably ruining the taste of your beer (yet most home brewers aren’t aware of any of them)

– The simple trick I learnt from my uncle that changed how I brewed almost instantly (and it’s really simple to do)

– How to clone your favorite beers so well that your friends won’t notice the difference (not really that hard when you know these tricks)

– Which method of brewing is right for you (get this wrong and you’ll waste a lot of time and money)

1. Learn how to clean like a pro. If you’re like most guys, cleaning isn’t something you enjoy doing. But if you want to brew clean, crisp tasting beer, then you’ve gotta ensure that your equipment is perfectly clean.

In the free presentation, I go into my methods for cleaning that ensure that no nasty flavors get into my beers.

2. Avoid using sugar in your beers. With a few styles of beer being the exception, you don’t want to use sugar to brew your beer. Using pure malt is how most beer styles are made and up until recently, you weren’t allowed to brew beer in Germany if you used any sugar.

3. Brew at the right temperatures. It can be easy to want to heat the brew up a little so that it ferments quicker, but this is a big mistake. Whether you’re brewing lagers or ales, you’ve only got a small window to brew in or you’ll end up with funky tastes in your beer.

In the presentation on the next page, you’ll learn how to figure out what temperature you need to brew your beer at, depending on the style.

4. Use the right yeast for the beer you want to make. This is a huge mistake that… Read more…

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